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Durham Probe Releases 81,000 Pages of Discovery to Indicted Attorney Revealing Far More Indictments

Special counsel John Durham provided 81,000 pages of discovery to indicted Democratic lawyer Michael Sussmann in his criminal inquiry into the Russia investigation, court filings show. The reams of documents,… Read more

Roger Scruton: How Fake Subjects like Women Studies Invaded Academia

Sir Roger made these remarks while delivering an address to the Institute of Public Affairs, Australia’s premier free market think tank. To learn more about the work of the IPA,… Read more

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‘Is There A Crisis At Our Border?’ Tim Scott Has Tense Questioning Of Biden Border Chief Nominee

At Senate Finance Committee hearing, Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) grilled Chris Magnus, nominee to be Commissioner Of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, about illegal border crossings. Bypass the big tech… Read more

Communication Professor on Bill Gates weird reaction when asked about Jeffrey Epstein

Communication Professor reacts to Bill Gates’s interview answers about Jeffrey Epstein on PBS with Judy Woodruff. His body language and nonverbal cues augment his awkward verbal responses. Bypass the big… Read more

‘Joe Biden Could Be Guilty Of Treason’: Marjorie Taylor Greene Discusses Articles Of Impeachment

At a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Friday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) discussed articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden. Bypass the big tech censors by signing up to… Read more

Leaked video stuns US over Chinese supersonic nuclear weapon capability

The U.S. intelligence community is reeling from recent news that China successfully conducted two hypersonic weapons tests over the summer. Washington views the news as a strategic gamechanger and has… Read more

Putin Warns Wokeness is DESTROYING the West!!!

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Former Trump Medical Advisor Warns Shots are Creating a Supervirus

Former Trump Admin official Dr. Paul Alexander joins guest host Stew Peters of http://stewpeters.tv/ on The Alex Jones Show to break down how the COVID shots are creating a supervirus.… Read more

Russia has fuel, EU has fuel-crisis — what’s the problem?

RT’s Danny Armstrong reports on Russian fuel giant Gazprom’s willingness to step in and alleviate Europe’s mounting fuel crisis as the Nord Stream 2, built by Russia and European partners,… Read more

Chris Hedges On The Julian Assange case

On the show, Chris Hedges talks to documentary filmmaker and investigative journalist John Pilger about the upcoming appeals hearing in London for the Julian Assange case. Bypass the big tech… Read more