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20 Years of Government-Sponsored Tyranny: The Rise of the Security-Industrial Complex from 9/11 to COVID-19

“I tell you, freedom and human rights in America are doomed. The U.S. government will lead the American people in — and the West in general — into an unbearable… Read more

Putin’s Comments About Satanism & Pedophilia Within Politics Are Turning Out To Be True

In Brief The Facts: A few years ago, Vladimir Putin mentioned Satanism and Pedophilia within politics, and he hasn’t been the first to do so. He expressed how there are… Read more

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[Video] Days After 9/11 Tulsi Gabbard Slams “Betrayal Of American People” Over Syria

In a rare and unprecedented speech delivered on the House floor just two days after the nation memorialized 9/11, Democratic Hawaiian Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard on Thursday slammed Washington’s longtime support to… Read more

[Video] Infowars Full Show – Eric Bolling Joins Alex Jones To Talk Trump Secrets – Sept 12, 2018

 Infowars Full Show – Eric Bolling Joins Alex Jones Live In Studio To Talk Trump Secrets – Sept 12, 2018 Joining today’s show is the “civilized barbarian” Roosh Valizadeh discussing… Read more

[Video] From the Infowars banned archive: 9/11 Smoking Gun: Who Funded The Terrorists?

Evidence points to the Govt. of Saudi Arabia and members of the Saudi Royal Family in the financial support of at least two 911 highjackers while the Bush administration helped… Read more

17 Years After 911, US Backs Al Qaeda in Syria

By Finian CUNNINGHAM 17 Years After 911, US Backs Al Qaeda in Syria The September 11 terror incidents in 2001 are said to be the biggest-ever deadly attack on US… Read more

Dr. Ron Paul: Why Are We Siding With al-Qaeda?

Dr. Ron Paul writes: Last week, I urged the Secretary of State and National Security Advisor to stop protecting al-Qaeda in Syria by demanding that the Syrian government leave Idlib… Read more