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Putin: Immigrants Are Free to ‘Kill, Plunder and Rape’ with Impunity in Europe

Russian President has slammed European leaders for allowing immigrants to “kill, plunder and rape” with impunity. In an interview with the Financial Times just ahead of the G20 summit, the… Read more

Putin: Globalism Is The Enemy Of Humanity

Russian President Vladimir Putin says that liberalism has “outlived its purpose” and that multiculturalism is “no longer tenable”. In an interview with the Financial Times, Putin explained what had caused… Read more

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Putin says liberalism is finished

By Jon Hellevig Putin tells liberalism is finished. In an interview with the Financial Times, Putin told that “the liberal idea” had “outlived its purpose” and said that nationalism is… Read more

Professor Says White People Need to Accept That They’re Being Replaced in America and Europe

Professor Says that the Rise in Populism is Attributed to Whites Being Replaced in Europe and America. He Argues that We Need to Break Down White Identity so that Whites… Read more

Hungarian PM: Whoever signs the UN Migration Pact presents a serious risk to his own citizens

The United Nations Global Migration Compact is a flawed document, and whoever signs it presents a serious risk to their own citizens, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in Prague on… Read more

[Video] Nigel Farage destroys Eurocrats at “show trial” of Viktor Orban

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‘You condemn us because we are not a nation of migrants,’ Orban tells EU before sanctions vote

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban delivered a fiery speech to European lawmakers in Strasbourg, before they began deliberations on suspending the country’s key EU rights due to his… Read more