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Thousands decry COVID restrictions in Melbourne, Australia

Thousands of Melbourne residents took to the streets against mandatory vaccination and other COVID restrictions, despite the Omicron-strain wave. For more, check out our dedicated video channel Bypass the big… Read more

Mass Mandatory Vaccination Protest Hits Vienna

Thousands of Austrians packed the streets of Vienna to decry an upcoming parliamentary vote on mandatory COVID vaccination. If approved, Austria will become the first EU state to make vaccination… Read more

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Thousands Rally Against “Green Pass”, Compulsory Vaccination in Italy

Rome’s Piazza San Giovanni was packed with thousands of demonstrators rallying against the Italian government’s COVID measures, such as mandatory vaccination for those over 50, and a Green Pass certificate… Read more

JUST IN: Jim Jordan Shreds Democrats On House Floor: ‘They Used The Virus To Attack Our Freedoms’

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) tore into Democrats on the House floor. For more, check out our dedicated video channel Bypass the big tech censors by signing up to the Russia… Read more

Mass Murder Confirmed: EU Official Admits COVID Vax Destroys Immune System

The European equivalent of the FDA is warning that relying on endless rounds of booster shots to fight COVID-19 could end up causing “immune response” problems. Alex Jones breaks down… Read more

Italy and France institute strict requirements for unvaccinated

Italy has banned the unvaccinated from public transportation, restaurants, hotels and gyms while France has taken a similar approach. Rome Correspondent Alex Salvi reports – Via Newsmax’s ‘John Bachman Now.’… Read more

Revealed: scientists thought Wuhan Lab leak story could be true!

Leaked emails suggest British and American scientists looking at Covid thought the Wuhan lab leak theory was plausible all along, they just didn’t want to tell us! For more, check… Read more

Bulgaria: Massive crowd of Covid protesters pushed back during attempt to storm parliament

Bulgarian police struggle to push back huge crowd of ‘Green Pass’ protesters in Sofia as they try to storm the parliament For more, check out our dedicated video channel Bypass… Read more

GAME OVER LOCKDOWNS Germany Biggest Freedom Celebration EVER!

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Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on Russia Tension and the Deadly COVID Vaxx

Paul Craig Roberts of https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/ joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the American tension with Russia, and expose the deadly COVID vaxx. For more, check out our dedicated… Read more